Mies de Villa is situated within walking distance of some of the finest beaches in Cantabria:

  • Somo, 900M
  • El Puntal, 2KM
  • Loredo, 2KM
  • Santa Marina, 3KM
  • La Canal Galizano, 4KM

Somo, 900M

900 Metres from Mies de Villa. The 4 miles of fine sand is a peninsula, closing off the bay of Santander. There are excellent conditions for surfing and the beach is well lifeguarded.

El Puntal, 2KM

El Puntal almost seals the bay of Santander, allowing a small opening for ferries to carry passengers and goods into the city. El Puntal is almost deserted but can be accessed walking from Somo beach, or by boat from Santander. The beaches are wide with shallow waters and fine white sands.

Loredo, 4KM

Neighbouring Somo is the small residential fishing village of Loredo. Like Somo, the beaches are sandy and vast, with sholes of tropical fish and excellent surfing and kiting conditions.

Santa Marina, 3KM

Just off the coast of the eastern end of Somo beach is the small island nature reserve of Santa Marina, which can be reached by boat. This island is a surfer’s paradise and if you can get there, perfect for beach lovers and bird spotting.

La Canal Galizano, 4KM

Just outside the small town of Galizano, down a steep narrow track is a tiny cove known as la Canal Galizano. Despite its hidden position, the beach is popular and busy at weekends, with its own lifeguards and watersports. Safer for swimming and more sheltered than Somo beach, Galizano offers a picturesque alternative to the wide and vast beaches further west.